Friday, September 27, 2013

Income Report - September 2013

I recently got a message from one of my readers - Aman, asking me how much I'm earning on my apps and if I managed to reach the $1000/month level. I figured that I might share the answer with all of you, especially that the previous income report was published half a year ago.

I guess I have to disappoint you a little. The reason why I don't share the revenue regularly is not that I'm secretive, but it just doesn't change that much from month to month and it would be boring to read. I promise to do it more often though, so you can have a better idea of what's going on. Anyway, I'm definitely still in the junior leage when it comes to income. Let's take a look at the numbers together, to see what I mean.

At the bottom of this post you can see screenshots from my Google Play, AdMob and Airpush accounts. They should give you all the details you need to perform your own analysis. Here's the gist of it.

I earn about $16/month from AdMob (it used to be above $20, but it decreased in the recent days) and another $0.7 from Airpush (right now I only use it with Supermarkets in Milan as an experiment). Then there is paid apps revenue, but it's difficult to say how high it actually is, because I don't keep a detailed track of it. My rough estimate would be around $5/month. I also use LeadBolt for my Ad Showcase app, but its only for demonstrations purposes and it doesn't make me any money. To be totally honest, I should mention my adult apps (obviously outside of Google Play), with a total of around $5/month and decreasing steadily with time. When we add everything up, it gives us about $25-$30 monthly revenue.

If you take a look at the screenshots below, some values might surprise you, so I should probably add a few words of explanation.

CPM in Airpush is $4.82 which might seem high, but it was $2.82 only three weeks ago and it fluctuates a lot because of the small number of impressions, so you should take it with a grain of salt.

CPM in Toothbrush is $3.19 and I honestly can't explain it, since there's only a simple banner and not even a scalable one adjusting its size to the screen type.

My both comic readers have extremely low CPM and that's probably because I only show the banners for a short amount of time and hide them afterwards. In the near future I want to update them, fixing some bugs and adding interstitials.

What's interesting, the app that I spent the least amount of time on - Toilet Sounds, has the most installs and is making me twice as much money as all others in total. Perhaps I should write something more casual and with a larger target to become more successful and stop focusing on utility apps?

I hope this report will satisfy your curiosity and help you with your apps. I'll try to make another one around Christmas, unless some statistics change significantly in the meantime. Feel free to give me and other readers advice in the comments section, if you know how to enhance the app revenue.

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