Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Income Report

When I started my Android adventure, I was extremely excited about the passive income you could create this way. I hadn't really had any previous experience with ad networks or publishing your own paid adds, so I decided to just give it a try and see what I'd get. Well, here's what I have achieved so far.


I have roughly 2000 active installs of my free apps containing ads. With these, I get about 1000 ad requests every day with eCPM euqal to $0.30. For all those, who are not into advertising business, it basically means that I earn $0.30 for every 1000 people who see an ad. Doing some very simple math, it gives you the amount that I make daily, which is $0.30, and monthly $9. The CTR is 0.64% which means that only one person in 156 clicks on an ad they see.

Is it much or could I be making much more from it? I don't know... yet. I will have to do some research on it and perhaps try some other ad networks. Some of them even started sending me invitation emails, asking if I want to join and giving me a starting bonus.

The thing I know right now is that the country specific apps that I wrote are making significantly less than Toilet Sounds. Their eCPM is only $0.02 which renders their revenue virtually negligible. They also impact the general statistic, which would look much better, had I not taken them into account. What is the reason for this? Bad ads targeted at Polish people? The way I display an ad (a showing and hiding panel at the top of the screen)? Or maybe something totally different?

Paid versions of Live Wallpapers

Having a little over 1000 free wallpapers downloaded, I sold 15 paid ones. I earn $1 for each copy sold, so it's very simple to calculate that I have earned $15. Not too much... Also, most of it was during the time, when they were on the main page of Unless I find a better way to promote them, it's not a very profitable business.


There is one thing I haven't written so far. Some time ago I made three apps with adult content to see, if maybe there was money potential in them. As a matter of fact, I managed to make $90 (for the last couple of months). I haven't published them on Google Play though, because the policy forbids it. Instead, I put them on MiKandi - the biggest app market with adult content. I guess people there are more used to paying for the apps. Anyway, I don't really want to go that way and writing such apps is not what I like the most. I also lack the necessary content, so it would be difficult to think of something new.


Considering the time I spent learning how to program Android and then making the apps, it was totally not worth it. However, I will keep trying anyway, because I like it and I love the feeling when people actually download and use what you've created. It's also nice to be able to add your projects in the CV and consider yourself to be a real Android programmer.


  1. WB again. So what else have you learned about free/advert based app model ? Is there a good site that addresses just Android advertising you've found ?
    Sounds like the other learning is "sex sells" or "porn pays". But yes I agree, those sort of apps are very uninspiring.
    I'd also like to hear what happened with after you apps came off the main page. I think its probably very useful to learn what hasn't worked for you, as well as what has.
    I think your conclusion says it all. Android development isn't worth it just for the money, it needs to be much more personal and enjoyable than just money.
    Keep up the good work...

    1. I think that to sell an app, it has to be useful in a practical way and of very good quality, which is difficult to achieve when you're just a beginner. I'd stick to free ones, until you get some experience and are able to create something more professional.

      As to my apps with erotic pictures, they're not a goldmine as well. I make less than $10 a month on them and I honestly haven't checked my developer account for good 3 months until you reminded me about it.

      P.S. For details concerning, check out my previous replies to your comments.