Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

I just checked my Developer Console at Google Play and saw this:
It is a chart showing the number of active installs of Ring Live Wallpaper. Blender Live Wallpaper looks pretty much the same. As you can see, there is a sudden spike in popularity. At first, I couldn't figure out the reason for this. Then I thought about and decided to check out their site. Imagine my surprise when I saw both my applications on the main page with plenty of views and a good rating. You can see for yourself: Ring Demo on and Blender Demo on A couple of people even bought the regular version.
Let's hope my wallpapers can stay on the main site for some more time and make my apps even more popular. I really believe they are pretty decent and given enough promotion could reach a large audience.
I enjoy making wallpapers very much, so if this kind of apps works out for me I will be the happiest person on Earth. For now, a hundred downloads is not enough and I'm waiting impatiently for what the future will bring.


  1. OK, so seemed to work. But can you comment on current state of your apps from this site ? Did you decide to do more wallpapers ? If not why not ?

    1. I just replied to your first comment basically answering this question, but I'll try to put it in a nutshell once more. It worked, but then it got bad again, so I don't advise anyone to write wallpapers... unless you know some clever way to make people download them or just enjoy writing them.