Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amazon Appstore for Android

Somewhere around three weeks ago I submitted my apps to Amazon Appstore to see if it can boost their downloads. Unlike Google Play it's free to register there as a developer, but before your apps get accepted they have to be inspected first. As it turns out, the process takes about a month. All my live wallpapers have passed the inspection. As to Toilet Sounds they wrote that I should make the sounds stop playing when there is an incoming call or the user presses the back button. Well, I'll have to correct the bugs and try again. Hopefully it can go faster than the first time.
I didn't submit the comic reader apps, because they are only for Polish speakers and probably wouldn't get downloaded anyway.
It has been two days since my wallpapers got accepted and they still have no downloads. They aren't very popular in Google's store either, so I'll wait with my final opinion about Amazon Appstore until Toilet Sounds get accepted. Does any of you have any experience with other online Android stores? Is it worth sumbitting your apps there?
Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted on my so far miserable attempts at earning money on Android.


  1. WorkerBee here again. So since this post what app stores in total have you looked at and dropped or used ? How do you even find new app stores, especially in other countries ?

    1. In my post about Android blogs ( I describe one that puts a lot of stress on alternative sotres - - check it out. Also the girls from Trilena Games ( confessed to publish in multiple places (e.g. in China).

      I have my apps in Amazon Appstore (but with only about 30 downloads in total) and also in the store owned by Opera (they emailed me and asked if they can take my free apps from Google Play and put them there themselves).

      I don't think that putting to much attention to alternative stores is worth your while when you're just beginning. Publishing and maintenance take a lot of time (you have to prepare various promotion graphics and icons and later post updates whenever you fix a bug and release new version). Just skip it and start thinking about stores other than Google Play when you earn at least $100 a month :)