Sunday, April 20, 2014

Android Income Report: March 2014

It's been a while since I published my last income report, so I decided to prepare one for you as an Easter present. In fact, the times when I would open my ad statistics every day and analyze them meticulously are long gone. To be honest, I wasn't really sure how much I was making a month these days (at least not exactly) before writing this post. It's been helpful for me as well to realize where most of my revenue comes from and what I should do to maximize it. Let's see the results together.

Ad networks and ad types I use

In my apps I have AdMob banners and interstitials as well as Airpush smart wall ads and AdBuddiz interstitials. Why I chose these? AdMob was just the most obvious choice - they are very reliable when it comes to payments and they have very detailed statistics. Unfortunately, they don't offer so many ad types (banners and interstitials only) and their CPM is not the best as well. I decided to try Airpush and AdBuddiz, because their ads are quite pretty and they promised high rates for each click. They actually are decent, although definitely not as good as advertised. You'll have a chance to see the numbers below. I haven't been paid for them so far, because I only just realized that you need to fill some forms with payment details first, but I believe that I won't have any problems with it.


Here are some numbers that might interest you. With some simple math you can figure out how much you could earn with a similar app or what kind of ads make the most revenue. I decided to skip the paid apps, because they generate less than $10 a month for me.

revenue: $52.04
requests: 109,142
CPM: $0.51 (max: $2.75, min: $0.07)
fill rate: 93.9%

revenue: $37.66
requests: 18,652
CPM: $2.02
fill rate: ?

Note: the values below are approximate, because AdBuddiz doesn't offer detailed statistics (only those visible in the screenshot below).
revenue: ~$7.5
requests: 14,503
CPM: $1.21
fill rate: ?

revenue: $96.9
requests: 142,297
CPM: $0.68


My income increased in the past couple of months from less than $20 to almost $100. In fact, I'm seeing a slight (around 20%) growth in April as well. This is definitely a good thing, but the fundamental question stays the same - was the app development really worth my time and effort. So far the answer is "no", at least if we take into account only the money. What else did I gain? Experience in Android programming; some apps I can show my family, friends and... prospective employers; I got to know other interesting people from the business; I received a free license for TexturePackerPhysicsEditor and tPacker; finally I feel very proud that people download my apps and find them useful and fun - it's a great feeling and it gives me a sense of purpose.

Will I continue making apps? Of course I will! I still quite enjoy it and I feel that every time I make one, it's much better than my previous creations. As to the money factor, I could probably improve it by trying different ad networks and replacing (at least to some extent) AdMob - which isn't always the best option when it comes to generating revenue. I should also update my old apps, because they use old ad API's and display banners/interstitials in very inefficient ways (CPM=$0.07 is definitely very bad). As a matter of fact, I'm planning to release a big update to my metro app in a couple of days. It will feature some cool improvements and I'm really excited to see what will happen afterwards. I can't wait to give you more details about it, but unfortunately it's out of the scope of this post, so you'll have to wait a little bit more.

Before I finish, I'd like to wish you Happy Easter! Spend some time offline with your friends and family, and have a break from whatever you do on the everyday basis. I'll see you in a while- relaxed and ready for new challenges.


  1. Great post!
    Can you share with us what current and total installs has Blobby Volley in the play store? The income is too low for over 50k downloads! You should definitely try some other ad networks (e.g. leadbolt and vungle).

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Blobby Volley has about 12.5k active installs and 73k total installs. Perhaps the problem is that it doesn't get opened so often and so the impressions are low as well. The CPM for the game is quite ok - around $1 (I'm using AdMob banners and interstitials and Airpush and AdBuddiz interstitials). I'll take a look at your blog to see what's working for you. Meanwhile, if you have any advice, I will greatly appreciate it.

  2. 12.5k is a lot (at least for me, my best app has 9k active installs). My tips are:
    1. Entry ads - I don't know why, but they are very effective. I normally use the yes/no alert entry ad from leadbolt.
    2. Interstitial at the end of a level/game (you don't need to show them every time if the levels/games are very short).
    3. Video ads from Vungle at the end of a level/game (instead of an interstitial). I show the video ads much infrequent as the interstitial, because they take more time and can be very annoying for short games.

    Exit ads don't bring anything, so I don't integrate them anymore in my games...
    I also don't integrate banners anymore. They bring far less than the interstitial and they are annoying. I prefer to have a gameplay without ads, especially for arcade/action games.

    1. Thanks so much for the advice. I'll try to experiment a little with my ads and I'll let you know about the results.

  3. Hello Bartek,
    Thanks for the post and the valuable info.

    I am the cofounder of AdBuddiz.
    The CPM you are mentioning is indeed very low.
    This CPM can vary from one app to another depending on where your traffic comes from and how it converts from impressions into installs. Would you mind contacting me at so that our team can take a closer look at how you integrated our ads and give you tips to increase your performance ? I am sure we can do better ! Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks for helping me. I just wrote you an email. I hope we can figure something out together.

    2. Sir, may I ask you, how to get people to download our games? Is there any efficient way to promote our games to public? Thx.

      I create a games that I think it is great. Please give a try sir :

    3. There are several methods of app promotion. You could try to get more ratings first with something like Smooth Reviews ( You could do a paid campaign (e.g. with AdWords). You could try spreading the word on Facebook and other social networks. You could have your app reviewed by one or more review portals. You could also join a cross-reference ad network. As you can see there is plenty of methods and it's hard to say which one is going to work best. You have to experiment.
      I would probably start by googling "Android apps promotion" first...