Monday, November 4, 2013

Blobby Volley for Android - Progress Report 2

Last week I worked for about 12h on my Blobby Volley clone. As I'd predicted earlier, I didn't have as much time as the previous week, but still, I'm quite content with the results. Take a look at the image below.

Here's the list of recent changes:

  • I refactored the existing code, so it's more structured and legible.
  • I read some AndEngine Tutorials to better understand the game programming techniques.
  • I changed the size of the controls - they don't overlap the net any more and it's more difficult to jump unintentionally.
  • I fixed some bugs related to counting points and detecting who should serve - now both things should work correctly.
  • I added player names and points - both use a custom font.
  • I changed the movement mechanism - the blobs don't get stuck in a shaky state when you keep your finger in one spot and they move more smoothly.
  • I adjusted the physics constants, so that the game is more dynamic (although I'm still not quite content with it).
  • I started using TexturePacker to easily prepare and load all my sprites. You can go see a short video on Vimeo, explaining in a nutshell what it's capable of. I'm still on the trial period and I'm a bit worried what will happen when it expires (it doesn't say anywhere). Apparently some features get disabled, but I have no idea which ones... Anyway, here's what my texture looks like now.

Next, I want to do the following:
  • Add a simple splash screen, a menu screen and an options screen, to see how those things work.
  • Adjust the physics some more, to make the gameplay more fun. I noticed, that in the original game the ball doesn't just bounce off the blobs, but it behaves as if they were hitting it. It also never moves as fast as my ball, so I guess I'll have to limit it as well. I might decide to use PhysicsEditor, but I'm not sure about it yet, since it's a paid tool.
  • Enable choosing the controls' side, i.e. placing the movement control on the right and the jump control on the left, if needed.
  • Add variable height jumping, so that when you press the jump button longer, the blob jumps higher.
  • Find out if I can use graphics and sounds from the original PC game without violating the licencse.
  • Learn how to animate the blobs while they jump and walk.
  • Implement some simplistic AI to make the game more enjoyable.

I hope you like the game so far. If you're curious what's going to happen in the next seven days, come back during the weekend and find out.

If you have any constructive remarks or want to give me advice, feel free to use the comments section. I read and appreciate every single comment you leave.


  1. If you trial expires for the texture packer your using, I suggest you use this free one that comes with libGDX: It works great for me and is totally free!