Thursday, November 14, 2013

Android indie developer interview: Gabriele Ferreri

Today, you'll have a chance to meet the founder of Tech Cookies and a hobby Android developer from Italy. He actually does other kind of programming, but he decided to give mobile a shot and publish a popular puzzle game. How successful was he? Find out for yourself.

Bartek: Tell us something about yourself. Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do in life?

Gabriele: I’m an Italian ASP.NET C# Developer. I’m 35 years old and I like to play soccer and watch movies (SciFi).
I worked for a long time in southern Italy (where I was born) and then after 2 years in Milan and one in UK I’m currently working remotely for a UK company.
I like to write about my interests and I have had a few articles published on about ASP.NET (C#), Ajax, Javascript, Silverlight and Sql Server.
I also have my website at talking about Android apps, games and tricks.

Bartek: I like your site (Tech Cookies). What made you start it?

Gabriele: I started it mainly to improve my English skills and because I like to test unusual apps and games. I don't have much free time and I normally post one article/review each day. I actually have between 300 and 500 visitors each day but for some special tips and tricks articles I get even more than 6000 visitors a day.

Bartek: When did your Android adventure start and how? Why did you decide to do it?

Gabriele: About 2 years ago I received my first Android phone (LG Optimus Me) and I started to think about creating my first app or game. When I was a child I remember a very popular game in Italy called Fifteen Puzzle (the plastic one) and I decided to create a reproduction of that game. I was not sure it could be successful.

Bartek: How did you learn how to create apps? What resources were you using?

Gabriele: I mostly learned using online tutorials/videos. I don't remember all of them. I think the most important ones are:

Then I search on Google to spot tutorials/solutions for any issue I get.

I don't read the same websites but I normally use Google+, Facebook and reddit to get the articles I want to read.

Bartek: What libraries/frameworks did you use and why did you choose them?

Gabriele: I used libGDX because it's a very powerful library to create games. The key feature for me is the possibility to test games on a desktop with any screen size you like and the internal algorithm that automatically adapts a game to any screen resolution.
Bartek: Where did you get your resources from (graphics, sounds, music)?

Gabriele: I learned a 3D tool called Blender and I used a 3D renderer called YafaRay. I used them to create my resources.

Bartek: Did you use any other programming tools?

Gabriele: I just used Eclipse and libGDX.

Bartek: How long did it take you to make the Fifteen Puzzle X?

Gabriele: I made it during my free time and I probably spent one hour a day. It took me two months to create the basic version and lots more to continue with improvements and bug fixes.

Bartek: How do you monetize it? How much income does it generate?

Gabriele: I don't make much money from this game because I don't like to be very intrusive with ads. I have one banner at the top of the game and an interstitial on a back button. I probably got enough to buy a Nexus 5.
I'm using AdMob for the banner and AppBrain for the interstitial.
Bartek: Do you use any marketing techniques or ASO to promote it?

Gabriele: I didn't use any marketing techniques. I just shared it on Facebook/Google+ and asked for a review on websites.

Bartek: What are your favourite Android games/apps?

Gabriele: Real Racing 3, but I normally like puzzle games in general.

Bartek: What Android devices do you own?

Gabriele: Now, I have a Galaxy Nexus but my first device was an LG P350.

Bartek: What Android blogs/sites do you read regularly?

Gabriele: I read Android Central.

Bartek: What are your plans for the future? What do you want to create/achieve?

Gabriele: I don't have any big plans because this is just a hobby and it's difficult to get free time over my main work but I'm working on a new app.

Bartek: What advice would you give to other developers (something that you wish you had known before yourself)?

Gabriele: If you plan to make an app or a game don't publish it until the basics are ready or you'll get bad ratings. When you are ready to publish try to share as much as you can because the first 30 days Google will give you a better ranking.

Bartek: Where can people find you on the Internet?

P.S. For those who follow my Blobby Volley progress reports, this week is going to be waaay more productive.

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