Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February Updates

Find a Way is slowly coming to a close... At least I'm hoping so. I talked to a friend (another one) who should help me with the design. There's just some polishing left and the game will be ready to be released. You can play an early version here:
BTW, itch.io seems to be a great place for publishing your indie games. I'll post my game there as soon as I finish it. I wonder if anyone else has any experience with this site. I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

When I was not working on Find a Way, I was helping my wife launch a newsletter with kids' events in my area. It's been moderately successful so far with a couple hundred people in the Facebook group and signed up for the email list. Hopefully, it will grow even more so she (or perhaps we) can start treating it as something more serious.


  1. Itch is very intuitive and fast to use. For both players and devs. Unfortunately when it comes to amount of games sold I think it's far behind Steam store.

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