Tuesday, August 5, 2014

App review exchange with SmoothReviews

Many Android developers who release their first apps have problems getting an audience for them. It's really not easy to make people rate, review and share what you create. And without any social proof, obtaining new installs or getting featured by Google Play is very hard.

That's why people post their work on Facebook and Twitter, ask friends to install and rate it, create groups of mutual help or look for others with a similar problem to exchange reviews. All of the above usually with meager results. Your Facebook friends hardly care about your geeky side. Having a separate page or Twitter account for the apps might help, but you need to have some followers beforehand. Friends can always write a couple of nice words, but how many of them willing to do it every time you come up with a new app do you have? In self-help groups and review exchanges people mindlessly install what you tell them, rate very often without even running the app and then simply remove it from their device. If Google does not penalize those votes, they probably will at some point. After some time of practising this, your Google Play account will most probably look like a mess, recommending to you useless and uninteresting apps, just because you liked similar ones...

SmoothReviews might be the answer for this problem. It's basically a review exchange portal where you rate and review other people's apps and in exchange they do the same for you. The difference is that you pick the apps you want to rate and you don't have to give them five stars - just be honest. By requirement you have to keep the reviewed app for 48 hours. It's advised to write at least two or three sentences including some constructive criticism if necessary. Paid apps are supported as well, but they require you to return the favor. When you sign up, you get two app slots for free, but if you do it through my link, you get an extra one. The whole reviewing process usually takes a couple of minutes and includes taking a screenshot of what you wrote. Try it out if you think it might help you.

If you have any questions about SmoothReviews or want to share your experiences with it, please use the comments section. Perhaps you even get to review one of my apps :)


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